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Welcome to a life without national boundaries. Dream up a place to visit and let us know …we shall get you there with ease. Aside our national robust packages, we are in partnership with reputable tourism boards and companies across the globe to provide packages for group, family, religious and individual tour expeditions. Be it academic, historical, luxury or romance, we bet you can’t find any other organization which pays as much attention to tiny details as we do. With us, disappearance is no magic, it simply means changing locations in the light of speed – we are logistics specialists with a “millennial disappearance wand”.


Man from prehistoric times is used to moving from one place to the other in search of better life, education or expeditions. This trend has increased with certain global realities of globalization, war, famine, hunger, insecurity, unemployment and the failure of some governments to provide good educational institutions, basic infrastructural amenities or create secure social support systems, etc. Therefore, we assist people with professional legal advisory and guidance which help them not to get stuck at undesired locations; providing for those needed immigration services at every stage of legitimate travel or relocation process.


Universities & Colleges International Representative

Having a multicultural population and wide international staff and students’ representation is a critical factor in the rating of universities and colleges around the world, that’s why we bridge the gap – acting as agents of selected higher institutions in countries where their marketers don’t reach. It is a common knowledge that marketing a university across cultures can be a challenge, however, ELASTRETCH helps universities and colleges with programme marketing and international student recruitment.

Our team is well-informed to deliver quality students enrollment, help institutions in achieving that mix of culture and tradition that can power your boast of a truly international and world class center of excellence.
So whether it is students from Africa, Asia, the Middle East or the Americas, we will create the linkage and give your institution the authentic marketing exposure that it truly needs.

International Student Exchange Programme

Quality higher education managers and stakeholders are increasingly emphasizing the need for industry exposure in their training programmes. Travel also adds an important dimension to giving students a world-class exposure in their disciplines.  

ELASTRETCH International Students Exchange Programme creates solutions for students who desire linkages to universities and other training institutions that provide exchanges, study and research fellowships as well as internships anywhere in the world.

This product is for students who desire international exposure in order to perk up their college experience and deepen their exposure across continents as they prepare to impact their immediate communities.

Applicant Student Advisory

Although with the internet anyone can apply for, and secure admission into any institution of his choice, but admission processing technicalities have continued to deprive people of admission chances – that’s why we are here to help. Our Applicant Student Advisory is from start to finish, no gap is left, no omissions and no mistakes. Just name the country, and we get you a choice school to attend.


At ELASTRETCH CONSULT LTD, we understand the uniqueness of every business, the need for peculiar design structure for each product and unique non stereotyped implementation plan for every service rendering process. That’s why we begin with clients by listening to the motivation behind their business ideas in order to understand the goal they seek to achieve before embarking on depth field research using epochè method which precludes our personal biases from influencing our judgment and recommendations.

Prescriptive sales approach 100%
Network sales approach 100%
Product sales approach 98%
Premium sales approach 99%