The solutions we offer, takes you from where you are, to where you ought to be!

…We cover MILES with you.
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Whether in the Americas, Europe or Africa, success means the same. Helping individuals and companies around the globe succeed is our forte.

Ensuring dream actualization and business success as well as assuring its viability regardless of changing influential circumstances is our raison d’être. We provide global job linkages for gifted schooled and unschooled artisans, backup professional technical and hands-on support for businesses at whatever stage – budding or expansion stages.

We develop markets where they don’t exist and expand them where they are small. Once that is achieved, we raise and train highly efficient marketing team, equip them with requisite intelligence that converts every conversation to a sale and every sale to an enduring loyalty.

ELASTRETCH assures high-end value for every dime spent. A trial will surely convince you.

Project ECOCARe Afrika

Here is lending a hand to Mama Afrika’s resourceful and highly gifted offspring. Those who wish to be established at home are assisted to gain placement while those whose ambition is to play internationally find the right linkage to assist them realize their dreams. Here, there is something for everyone.


Impacting humanity through the provision of products and services; creating hands–on platform that promotes value–chain aggregation of combined wealth creating operations for systems, individuals and the society.


Foremost integrated services platform for peoples of every race, region and religion. Diverse people, one purpose!







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